Taking the yoga experience to GSS

Golden Secondary School students have been taking advantage of free yoga classes at the school.

With the assistance of Columbia Basin Trust, the students at Golden Secondary School students have had the chance to take part in special yoga classes this semester.

Taught by local yoga instructor Dalia Yanai, the students have been coming out to the classes and learning about yoga.

Yanai has a yoga studio in Golden called Golden Lotus Ayurveda and has enjoyed her time with the students since the end of spring break.

“I have been teaching for quite a while and I have started teaching pre-school children this year. I have also had more teenagers come to my studio for classes,” Yanai said. “It made me realize how important it is to start early with this. I wish I had started earlier.”

She went on to say this was a great chance to give something back to the students where they could come in and relax which is different from many activities they are involved with.

Yanai believes this can help students build their self esteem while helping them have a more positive  connection with their bodies.

“I am hoping we will get more funding and be able to start at the beginning of next year. I have really enjoyed it,” Yanai said.

She also said that a number of athletes have come to the classes to work on their core strength and flexibility.

“I am very grateful of the opportunity to work with the students and hope to be able to do more in the future.”

She went on and thanked the CBT who helped get the program off the ground.