Stars and Stingers: June 19

Stars to N. Wolfe for being so rad on her birthday!

  • Jun. 19, 2013 6:00 p.m.

Stingers to the customer in the grocery store who stuck a package of cheese and can of whipped cream into the face of the young boy he was with, making him cry.

Stingers to the woman who didn’t stick up for the young boy.

Stars to the Golden alternate students for a great day at the Go Organic Sports Ranch. Wearing your grad hats was awesome.

Stingers to the local business that hasn’t got the respect for customers. Yes, for the 2nd time..they didn’t show up or even call to say why and when they plan on coming.

Stars to N. Wolfe for being so rad on her birthday!

Stars to “Farmer” for donating the microwave to the Museum.

Stars to the wonderful staff at Emerald Lake for making Father’s Day so special.

Stingers to golf clubs that break way too easily.

Stars to all the volunteers who make Golden Minor Soccer possible.

Stingers to sour tasting coffee.

Stars to whoever recommended peanut butter cups in a smore.