Stars and Stingers: Aug. 29

Stingers to the woman who stole my wallet in the Anglican Thrift Shop.

  • Aug. 28, 2012 5:00 a.m.

Stars to Helena and Kris (letter to editor Aug. 15) for stating very concisely what most people in Golden feel Re: B2B Project. And to Milan (letter to editor July 25), for bringing to attention the rudeness and aggressiveness of some of the B2B opposed – seeking petition signatures.

Stingers to the family who thought it was a good idea to try to drive their SUV along the ATV trail to the south side of Wapta Falls. It was explained to you why a 350-400lb quad with a winch was unlikely to pull your 3000-4000lb vehicle out of the axle deep mud hole you stranded it in but you still chose to complain that you received no help. Next time you might choose to find out what you’re getting yourself into and actually take some equipment with you to help yourself if you get stuck instead of the no equipment you had with you!

Giant Stingers to those who feel they have the right to speed through the Spirit Square on their noisy motorcycles− Don’t forget− There are children out there too.

Stingers to the individuals who think they can help themselves to other people’s possessions whether locked up or not – If it does not belong to you leave it where it it!

Stars to the Golden Star for changing our classified ad on short notice.

Stingers to the woman who stole my wallet in the Anglican Thrift Shop. You set a wonderful example for your little boy who watched you steal and watched me search high and low. I know who you are and so does the Thrift Shop. Return the wallet to them no questions asked, or I go to the law next week.