Second month starts at Alexander Park School

Principal Alexander Park School Vicci Nelson updates what is happening at the school.

  • Oct. 12, 2012 2:00 p.m.

Vicci Nelson

Principal Alexander Park School

It’s hard to believe that we are already into the second month of the new school year. September was as usual a busy one, with children settling into their new classrooms, routines and expectations being established, and teachers working hard to “get things underway” for the year!  It was great to see so many parents and families out to our Terry Fox run, our Walk and Read morning, and for our Friday morning school wide walks.  This month students have already participated in special events including Bus Safety, Fire Prevention, Bear Aware, and Thanksgiving activities.  Stay abreast of the many school activities and events happening at Alexander Park by reading the school newsletter, the “A.P.E.S. Chatter”, class newsletters, or through our website,

Our Home Reading Program is now underway in all classes. Our goal is to have all students participate in this program. Why? Because research shows that it is necessary for students to read on a regular basis in order for their reading to improve.  Parents are asked sign the reading calendar every time they read with their child, hopefully at least 15 times a month and then return this calendar to the office at the end of each month.

Parents/Guardians of Alexander Park students, along with a staff member and

myself, come together once a month at the Parent Advisory Council meeting. These monthly meetings provide an opportunity for parents to learn about what is happening at the school, to share ideas, and meet new people. The PAC also plays a very active role in raising funds to support school activities. The PAC meets at 6:30 p.m. in the school library and usually last only one hour.

Child minding is provided by an adult at no cost.  You may want to get involved with on-going activities such as the Hot Lunch Program, or you may choose to help out with a specific event, or you might want to contribute your ideas during meetings……whatever your level of involvement, it will be appreciated!  So plan on attending the next meeting on October 18th and finding out more about your child’s school and your Parent Advisory Council.  A big thank you to the parents who attended the first PAC meeting, and to those parents who volunteered to head up the various PAC committees.

Parents and teachers want the same thing – success for the children in their care.

So please remember if you have a concern, don’t stew about it, phone the school to set up an appointment with your child’s teacher or to meet with me.  The staff at Alexander Park look forward to our students’ parents continued interest, support, and involvement in their child’s education.