Nicholson back after a refreshing and restful Xmas break

I would like to start the new year by acknowledging the work of some people that made our December a very festive one.

  • Jan. 15, 2013 1:00 p.m.

Janne Arlt

Principal of Nicholson Elementary

I would like to start the new year by acknowledging the work of some people that made our December a very festive one.  Santa brought books for the students and his very busy and generous elf, Mrs. Karen Jones, took a photo of each student with Santa for them to take home.  Thanks to East Kootenay Pumping for providing those photos at no cost and to Santa for making his annual stop at Nicholson School!

With many donations of items and lots of hard work, the Nicholson Parent Advisory held some raffles and sold some baking at our Christmas Concert.  Just over $1000 was raised to help out with school programs.  We are always appreciative of the generosity of our community!

After the rest and refresh of the Christmas break, it is great to be back to school to continue on with our year’s plans.  Our teachers are meeting next week to collaborate about our school success plan goals to increase our students’ reading achievement.

Our winter season brings a number of opportunities for winter sports and activities.   The recent snowfall was a source of excitement as many Nicholson students like to spend their playground time sliding down the hill on crazy carpets or building snow forts. The snowshoes are out and classes will be making use of those over the next couple of months, too.

Later in January, our Gr. 6/7 students will be starting a series of three cross-country skiing lessons at Dawn Mountain.  Thanks to the Golden Nordic Ski Club for providing coaches and instruction for this program.

In the gym this month we have the gymnastics equipment set up and students are enjoying the opportunity to balance, roll, jump, etc.!  Last week, staff had a workshop with Christine Muise, coach of the Golden Gymnastics Club, to review skills instruction and safety aspects of teaching gymnastics.

Today, we have the opportunity to host a luncheon for some of our community’s aboriginal elders and Golden aboriginal support workers.  Thanks to Mrs. Leslie Hein for organizing this event and the students who helped prepare the meal.

A Happy and Healthy New Year to everyone!