New signs to help people find their way around the Rotary Trail

RMI money used to make trails in Golden easier to navigate.

If you frequent the Rotary trail around Golden, either by foot or on your bike, you may have noticed the new addition to the path.

Almost 30 en-route markers (posts with “you are here” maps), have been placed at strategic places along the 10-kilometre trail.

“This is part of the Visitor Sign Program under RMI (resort municipality initiative), from the last five years,” said Jon Wilsgard, manager of corporate administration for the Town of Golden.

“It’s just another component of the Visitor Sign Program, to make the place as welcoming and informative as possible for visitors.”

The maps have been placed on robust wooden posts, and are designed to keep both tourists and locals from getting lost.

“I’ve done lots of trails, and urban trails in communities. And there’s nothing more frustrating than bad signs. Signs are up and you still can’t tell how far, or where, that sort of thing. Or there’s nothing, and you really don’t know where you are,” said Wilsgard.

“And the Rotary perimeter trail was like that, people were getting lost. The idea is it will be a visual cue for people walking. They can see there’s another post, and they know they’re going in the right direction.”

At the moment the sign posts can only been seen along the Rotary trail, but there is the possibility of eventually expanding on the program, and placing posts along the north side of town, and up to the Trans Canada Highway.

“It was nice to get them up. I’ve had the post built almost two years ago, and we had the maps and signs done late last fall, and finally we were able to get them into place this year.”

The Visitor Sign Program still has a lot of projects on the go. The roundabout by the Visitor Centre is still getting it’s lighting completed, as well as some landscaping (to be done in the spring).

A new “Welcome to Golden” sign will be placed in the Canyon near Purcell Heli-Skiing. And still in the conceptual stage are some interpretive kiosks that will act as a “What’s happening in Golden” message board. They will display posters of what’s coming up around town, as well as feature some local art.