Local trainers promote running

  • Mar. 22, 2011 6:00 a.m.
Meghan Molnar and Maja Jensen.

Meghan Molnar and Maja Jensen.

It is the time of year when most people are certainly beginning to tire from winter; roaming along dry river paths seems so long ago. We can’t wait for spring. And for two local personal trainers, the wait has seemed even longer than it actually has been. Their names are Meghan Molnar and Maja Jensen. The reason for them wanting the pathways in and around town to dry up already is because this spring will be the launch of their new Golden Running Group.

Their idea is to utilize their thorough knowledge of the human body and nutrition, and combine that with their zeal for running. This knowledge will be transferred to those interested in joining such a group, in order to prepare them for a 10-kilometre run in early August.

“It is important to have goals. So, we have the “Loop the Lake” at the end of the training period as a set goal for those wishing to participate,” Running Trainer, Meghan Molnar said.

The “Loop the Lake” race, on August 6th, is an event that takes place in Invermere every year; this year will be the 16th anniversary of the race. It is a fun event that the entire family can take part in, and with the idea of simply finishing the race, it’s something that can appeal to people of all running levels.

“It is a fun event. I have taken part in the race, and it is a great accomplishment. Some people run, some people walk it, but at the end of the day, it is just something positive to strive towards completing,” Molnar said of the event.

But, building up to a 10-kilometre run, especially if you are not a regular runner, can be quite a mountainous task. That is why Meghan and Maja have a regime that will slowly turn a beginner runner into a runner who can potentially run 10 kilometres and even more.

“Running is an activity most people can see themselves doing, so this group truly opens the doors to everyone in town young or old that want to run,” Running Trainer, Maja Jensen said.

The group is tentatively scheduled to begin in early May, giving runners essentially three months to prepare. Through weekly “speed work” and monthly “timed distance” training, participants are certain to see steady improvements. From running up hills to actual track running and with time interval training, becoming a well-rounded runner is definitely plausible.

“With speed work and timed distance training, runners will be able to notice their progression each week and in terms of timed distance, monthly. Our run routes will be constantly changing. One week we may be running in the hills behind the high school or on the track and the next week we might be running on the Moonraker trails,” Molnar explained of the many places and means to training.

For those worried about keeping up, the program has been strategically built to suit all runners interested. There will also be constant information to be absorbed, as the trainers will be in regular communications with all those participating via Facebook.

“We will be using Facebook as one of our key tools. As the group progresses, participants will be able to find running tips, nutritional information, and even running videos on our Facebook page. It will also be a great way for all of our runners to stay connected,” Molnar explained of how social media will be a key part of the program.

So whether you want to grow as a runner, meet some new people, or just to have a good time in the great outdoors, a program of this nature may be what you are looking for this spring. Really the only thing you will need is a comfortable pair of running shoes, some motivation, and a desire to have some fun. The cost of the program is $40, quite a bargain for three months of training.

“One reason Meghan and I are making it so affordable is to encourage the community to come together. We hope that people will see it more than just a running group but see it as a coming together, inspiring others to improve their lifestyles, creating a networking opportunity, and make new friends,” Jensen concluded.

For more information, contact Meghan Molnar at: 250-272-6801 or Maja Jensen at: 250-439-8113. You can also find them on Facebook by searching: Golden Running.