A group of local residents gathered to celebrate Earth Day 2012 in Golden.

A group of local residents gathered to celebrate Earth Day 2012 in Golden.

Local residents gather for Earth Day

People gathered to celebrate the Earth while also voicing their opinions about many different environmental issues.

Kumsheen Park was the place to gather on Earth Day this year if you wanted to have  your voice heard  about environmental issues.

This year the theme of the event was No Pipelines, No Tankers as part of the  province-wide rally to show the mounting opposition to the proposed pipeline projects in British Columbia.

The Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline and the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion will be transporting crude oil across the province to western ports to be shipped to international markets.

One of the organizers for the local event this year was Sadie Parr who was pleased with how the event went.

“I am really happy with the turnout. For  a small community this is a great turnout. I know a lot of people would rather be riding their bike or hiking up a mountain to show they do care about this issue,” Parr said.

She stressed how important it is to be against the idea of piping oil from the tar sands through British Columbia.

“Not only are you fragmenting wild habitats but you are also putting endangered species at risk,” she said.

The Council of Canadians  helped organize the local event and one of the  members of the group on hand at the rally, Trevor Hamre, said it was a great event.

“This is awesome. It is family. These people care about the future and the children,” Hamre said. ”These are changing times. We really need to challenge what is going on with our energy.”

Hamre felt people need to have their voices heard because of what could happen to future generations if we do not change our ways.

“If you don’t stand up for the enviorment now what is going to happen to future generations. These are impacts that are going to last forever and people have to realize that,” Hamre said. “You have to save a little bit and the way we are moving forwards on the tar sands we are not going to save anything at all.”