Local GoGos help raise money to help African grandmothers

The Rockies for African Gogos raised funds to help.

  • Jun. 27, 2012 5:00 p.m.

The Rockies for African Gogos in Golden held a special luncheon which also gave people the chance to buy handmade jewelery from Africa on June 20.

One of the organizers of the event was Davene Dunn who explained why the group  decided  to have the lunch and sale.

“We know that everyone is busy in Golden and with the rain this year we missed our chance to hold our jewelery sale. With summertime coming we got busy and decided to try and do a soup day,” Dunn said.

With the weather co-operating many people were gathering on Dunn’s deck to have a homemade lunch with a view.

The ladies receive the Kazuri jewelery trough the Stephen Lewis Foundation which works with grandmothers and families in Africa to help them have a better life.  Dunn explained why she thinks this is an important cause to be involved with.

“Because I think even the poorest of the poor in Canada have a social net. Where as in Africa you watch your child die in pain with no medicine or help,” an emotional Dunn said.

“It is pretty important work to be done,” volunteer Brenda Bernat added.

Another part of the sale involved the selling of plants.

After looking for some pots to put the plants in for the sale many people came to help Dunn out.

“I got plants donated and pots were coming into my driveway. I thought I was going to be selling pots,” Dunn said.

Another person who wanted to help was Pamela Tetrault from Mountainside Gardens.

She was holding a pancake breakfast for father’s day and collected donations for the group and gave a portion of sales for the day to the event.

“I think they are doing something good and we wanted to help her in any way we could. We raised $110 from the donations and we are going to match the amount. So it will be a $220 donation in total,” Tetrault said.

Dunn said everyone who has been helping the group has been amazing.