Learn the art of transformation in Golden workshop

Learn how to make over your mind, body, and soul with a new program, the Art of Transformation.

Learn how to make over your mind, body, and soul with a new program, the Art of Transformation.

“This course will help you master the ability to transform any area of your life, whether it be personal relationships, business/career, health and fitness; or simply fulfill a wish for more inner peace and harmony,” said Laura Shaw, who will be teaching the course with her partner Liza Hindmarch.

The Art of Transformation course will unfold over 10 weeks, every Thursday evening, starting on Oct. 11 and running until Dec. 13. It will consist of 2-hour group gatherings, home study exercises, coaching support, and all relevant course materials and journal.

“The philosophy that underpins the Art of Transformation course is that what we are looking for, whether it be more joy, happiness, peace, or love, it already exists inside us. We just need to uncover its existence allow it to radiate,” said Shaw.

The program will try to offer its participants the tools to go with the flow, be led by a sense of curiosity and wonder, eliminate stress, connect with their life’s passion, have a positive impact  on the world, release destructive beliefs and old habit patterns, and to relax and enjoy their lives as they are now, not in some imaginary future.

The two teachers bring a broad and diverse background to the program. Hindmarch has been facilitating people’s personal growth in one capacity or another for more than 20 years. Originally teaching children with emotional and behavioural problems, she moved into a world of holistic coaching after studying homeopathy.

Shaw, on the other hand, has been teaching and guiding people for more than 15 years in the wilderness and academic settings. Early on she began coaching her students to take time to reflect on what they really wanted in life, and started sharing creative visualization techniques to support them in moving towards their goals.

Hindmarch now owns Munay Holistics in Golden.

“In my work as a holistic life coach I have noticed again and again that people’s healing breakthroughs and even life-changing shifts in consciousness would occur effortlessly and instantaneously when the conditions were favourable. In this course, Laura and I are excited to share our trade secrets and provide you with many, many favourable conditions gathered over all our years of experience of working with people of all walks of life,” said Hindmarch.

For more information on the program, times, and cost go to www.munayholistics.ca and click on the events page, or email Hindmarch at liza@munayholistics.ca.