Kicking Horse Country Fall Faire

A host of groups and organizations are working to bring the Fall Faire back to Golden after an absence of one year.

The Golden Museum is partnering with The Golden Farmers’ Market, Golden Rotary, St. Andrews Center for Peace, the Golden Food Bank, and a host of other groups and organizations to bring the Fall Faire back to Golden after an absence of one year.

“When asked what would prompt the museum to take on this huge event again,” Colleen Palumbo, Executive Director of the Golden Museum said, “it was the promise of more help with the planning, implementation and cleanup of the event.”  “All of us at the Historical Society saw it as a great community event, and we are thrilled with the response that we got from the public when we asked how you would be involved if we tried to bring this back.”

Held at the end of the summer, after school is back in session, the Kicking Horse Country Fall Faire allows the citizens of Golden and its surrounding communities to come together in a celebration meant to enhance our sense of community. It’s not intended to draw tourists to our community although we certainly wouldn’t turn them away; it’s simply intended as an opportunity for us to celebrate the passing of another summer with friends and neighbours.

While we haven’t had a theme in previous years this year the theme of the Faire will be “Gardening for the Future.” Historically Fall Faires encouraged people to grow the biggest pumpkin or squash, or bring out the very best that their gardens could produce and we would really like to encourage people to return to that. We feel a need to encourage people to become more self-sufficient by planting gardens for their own use, to sell the excess at the Farmers’ Market or give to the Food Bank.

While the 2012 Faire will put extra emphasis on gardening it will continue to carry on the events that have become popular like The Wife Carry, Lawn Tractor Racing, Nail Driving and the Tug-of-War to name a few.

So heft that girl, tune up that tractor, bake that pie, knit those socks and prepare yourself for some friendly competition. We’ve kept all the best and added some new excitement! Stay tuned to the Golden Star and the Kicking Horse Country Fall Faire Facebook page for more information on new and upcoming events, as well as an event schedule.