Students wear pink in support of a day to stop bullying.

Students wear pink in support of a day to stop bullying.

Keeping busy at Nicholson Elementary

Nicholson Elementary Principal Janne Arlt gives and update on what is happening at the school.

  • Mar. 7, 2012 12:00 p.m.

Janne Arlt

Principal Nicholson Elementary

We have many projects and events currently happening.

Last week our Grade 7 girls and boys each had the opportunity to spend a day at Camp Wenman for a Big Day Out.

This was part of a transition program to help the students in their move to the high school.  Activities centered around teamwork and building community, with the goals of having each person feel belonging and safety.

A variety of school staff and community members were there to support the students and show them that there are many adults available to help them as they continue their journey into high school, making choices and taking risks.

Many of our primary students have been participating in a soccer tournament every Wednesday at lunch time.   The tournament will wind up just after Spring Break!  Thanks to Mr. Halvorson and his Grade  4/5 students for organizing and coaching the teams.

Intermediate students have been enjoying their spring floor hockey tournament in the past few weeks, set up by some Grade 6/7 students.   We are nearing the championship game so the competition is heating up!

The Grade 6/7 class enjoyed three trips to Dawn Mountain this past month for cross country skiing.  The Golden Nordic Club generously provides coaches and instruction for this annual program and other adult volunteers help to assist the students as they develop their skills and have fun.

Mrs. Williams and the Nicky Boppers are gearing up to start their 2012 season of honing skipping and jump rope tricks this week.  The Juggling Club continues to meet weekly to build on their circus skills with volunteer John Denham.

FSAs (Foundation Skills Assessments) have been completed by Grade 4 and 7 students.

These are provincial measures of students’ abilities in the areas of Reading, Writing and Math.  Parents will receive their child’s results shortly after spring break.

If you have a child starting kindergarten in September 2011, you can register your child at the school any morning from 8 a.m. to noon from March 5 to 16.  A birth certificate and care card number is required for registration.

Spring Break is just around the corner.  Enjoy the longer days and warmer sunshine as we move into our final term of the year.