Cam Dawes

Cam Dawes

Golden Seniors Centre gets a little help from a grocery store

The Golden Seniors Centre has received a generous donation from Sobey's Golden.

The Golden Seniors Centre has received a generous donation from Sobey’s Golden.

“So what we do at Sobey’s is Time for Sharing Gift Cards. We have a $1,250 donation every year to go to a non-profit organization, and this year we chose the Seniors Centre,” said Cam Dawes, manager of Sobey’s Golden.

“We try to vary up the donation from year to year, so that different groups in town who could really use, it can benefit from our program. And we thought the Seniors Centre could really use the money.”

The Seniors Centre, kept afloat by fundraising (such as their soup days), donations, and volunteer time, is grateful to receive the contribution.

“We have soup days, and we have teas, and just our own coffee times. And this donation will go towards the food, and the cleaning supplies that we can buy here,” said Chris Gaetz, a volunteer with the centre.

The centre often caters memorials as well, and the gift certificates will go a long way to supplying the groceries required for those services.

“It takes a lot of work. Even a soup day, with 80 people there, we might make a profit of $200. And then we need a propane refill which is $600,” said Terry Schiesser, another volunteer with the centre.

Using these gift cards to buy vital supplies like groceries, frees up some of their funds to purchase other necessary items like the propane.

“We are very grateful, Sobey’s is always really good to us. When we buy groceries for the centre they always give us a discount,” added Schiesser.