The oldest active member of the Mountain Magic Quilter’s Guild

The oldest active member of the Mountain Magic Quilter’s Guild

Golden brings together quilters from across the East Kootenays

A gathering of quilters from across the East Kootenays was held in Golden.

Golden hosted a unique gathering recently when the East Kootenay Quilt Conference was held in Golden on April 21.

Over 100 quilters came to the event from towns across the East Kootenays.

Irene Gray is the president of Mountain Magic Quilter’s Guild here in Golden. She looks forward to the group meeting every two years.

“It brings like minded people together. We are all quilters and we like to see each other’s work. We share experiences and see what everyone has been doing in the two years since we met,” Gray said.

She went on to explain that many of the people who attended the conference also make quilts that are given away for many different reasons.

“Each of the guilds have charities that they donate to,” she said.

Gray gave an example of when Slave Lake, AB was devastated by fire last year the group had 12 quilts on hand which they sent to the area.

The group also tries to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Even left over pieces of thread and scraps of fabric are collected and given away to be used as filler in pillows and toys.

There are 42 members in the local guild who have all worked together to host the event.

“It has been a lot of hard work,  our gild members have worked very hard. Everyone has produced stuff and helped in different ways,” Gray said.

As for how the weekend went Gray explained all those in attendance were having a great time and it was wonderful to have the chance to see the amazing projects people brought with them to the event.