Getting healthy goes green

Healthy gym coming to town

People may have noticed the silver statues that have popped up beside the Rec Plex a few weeks ago.

These machines are the beginning of the “Green Gym” which is now offered in Golden.

“I was introduced to a green gym a couple years ago. I looked into it and did some research on it. I did a radio interview in town to get feedback on it, and there was a ton of positive feedback,” Mike Pecora said, “So I contacted the company directly and got them to send some information and quotes on different systems. I then turned that into the parks and recreation department.”


The green gym is an area outside that offers year round fitness training in the outdoors.

“These machines are very versatile, they can be used in the snow. There will also still be some upgrading to the area like pads and more signage, landscaping and green area.”


The green gym cost between $35-40 thousand.

“The money came from the Resort Municipality Fund. Resort municipality money needs to be spent on tourism-based infrastructure that can also benefit the community. With that being said, that money is chosen for a specific project and that money has to be spent on that project, or you don’t get the money. The Town of Golden is fortunate enough to receive close to $500 thousand dollars every single year. That’s what paid for the majority of the Spirit Square, the Sign Program, Bike Share Program, camp grounds, etc.  All that money had to be spent on tourism based infrastructure. It can’t be thrown into fixing our streets or upgrading sewage, or else the money won’t be given to us. It has to be spent on certain things.”

Pecora said that the green gym is a way to offer locals and tourists another spot to get their fitness in and is in a prime location.

“We looked at about eight different spots and found that the spot it was built on would be the most easily accessed by everybody. It is accessible for tourists in an open area, which will make it more secure. Being in an open area, there is less chance of vandalism. It is also meters away from the fitness trails and the Rec Plex which has outdoor washroom facilities.”

In the future, people can expect to see signs on the machines directing people how to use them but people can contact the Town or Mike Pecora with any questions.

“This gym is accessible to everybody from the age 14 and up. It shouldn’t be used by kids because their body hasn’t matured to a state where they should be doing fitness training. It is not playground equipment.”

Pecora said that Golden is not one of the first communities in the area to receive a green gym. Cranbrook, Banff and many areas in the Kootenays have these gyms.

“The people that would use this type of equipment aren’t the people who would be going to an indoor fitness facility.  So by putting this in, we are not taking away from the private gyms in town.”

For more information on the green gym, check it out or contact the Town of Golden.