GC2: For those who like to bike

Golden Cycling Club update.

  • Jun. 14, 2011 3:00 p.m.

This goes out to everyone who enjoys riding mountain bikes in Golden. The Golden Cycling club (GC2) have been diligently working to ensure our beloved bike trails stay for all of us to enjoy for years to come. This season is no different. We are doing our best to continue to preserve and create trails for bikers, young, old, in our community, and abroad. Lately our goal has hit some bumpy roads, none of which is new to the club. Some of our issues this season have been, new power lines going thru parts of the Moonrakers trails, the Mt Shadows trails network (and our goal to get them recognized) and to protect the Bowles Evans FSR on Mt7.

First, we begin with the Bowles Evans FSR. As many of us know the road, linking DH bikers with the Mt 7 trails has always been a gateway to speed induced exhilaration. Long gone are the days of annual grading, keeping it smooth for a season of shuttling. The time has arrived where we are not fortunate to have such grading. With the club’s duty to preserve, we have arranged to keep the road in as good of condition as possible. With no grading expected for several seasons to come. It is our duty to take care of it now before the road becomes too bad to drive. Temporary road closure will be in effect. Gates set up at 7.5km and 10km marks. These gates wereused in early season to let the wet road sections set up for the season. Luckily, we have support from the Golden Flying Club and the community to help us in our endeavour. As a club, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our local supporters for their donations of time, materials and machinery, to help with the preservation of FSR. First off, thanks to the District Manager with the Ministry of Forest Lands and Natural Resources Operations that authorized the gate closures, facilitated with Ken Gibson at Recreation Sites and Trails BC. Donations by Golden Concrete (four blocks), Golden Installations (placement of the blocks), Feuz Shop (cable and clamps), Mountain Motorsports (locks), Recreation Sites and Trails B.C. (MFLNRO signage), Columbia Diesel and while we are at it, thanks to DJ’s for donation of this year’s membership cards. We appreciate your support.

Now getting down to the nitty gritty. Mt Shadows. We all know these trails, we all ride them and we all love them. These are the first trails that are rideable early in the season. We have been doing our best to negotiate with private landowners and woodlot owners, to get these trails mapped and protected. With animosity from riders, early last season due to logging. The trails were not affected, as most first suspected, and things got back to normal quickly after. With more logging in the near future, things have heated up once again. Although negotiations were going well, more rogue trail building and green trees cut down. Negotiations then came to a halt. Although talks have resumed, we are asking everyone, please discontinue illegal trail building. If we want to keep these trails, we must proceed in proper fashion. We ask for you patience as these things take time. If we want trails to stay, we have to work together. Strong action taken from the Woodlot owner and we do not want to lose these trails. It is the GC2’s stand to curtail any illegal trail building. These actions will hurt the club (and all riders) with the loss of trails and any future funding. Funding which enables us to develop and maintain our riding opportunities. If we want to keep the Mt Shadows trail network, working in partnership is our only avenue. Therefore, we put it to you, the riders; please pass on the word to any parties that might be hurting your chance to ride these trails.

Lastly, there is some trail closures to pass on. While B.C. Hydro puts in the infrastructure for the new power lines, the upper part of the Canyon Creek trail will be closed until June 20th. Keep your eyes peeled for other closures (due to the recent escape our local grizzly Boo). Posted signage will update riders.

There has been lots going on so early in this 2011 biking season. Do not fret my fellow bikers. Trails have been setting up nicely and the season is just beginning, so slap on that helmet, throw your leg over the saddle and go rail some of that brown pow. It always puts a smile on your face. I know it does for me. See you out on the trails.