Charities benefit grants program

The Golden & District Community Foundation has decided to support two community projects in its eleventh annual round of grants.

  • Jan. 23, 2013 12:00 p.m.

Ryan Watmough,

Executive Director Golden & District Community Foundation

The Golden & District Community Foundation has decided to support two community projects in its eleventh annual round of grants.

The largest grant was made to Golden Community Resources Society as they work to bring Simon Fraser University’s (SFU) Community Economic Development (CED) certificate course to Golden in the spring.

SFU defines CED as a field of study that “explicitly combines social and economic development to increase community control, build self‐reliance, restore ecological integrity and create meaningful employment.”

According to SFU’s CED website, the program is “comprised of eight, intensive two-day courses for community leaders to explore, with peers, the models and methods for building sustainable, local, robust economies. Tackle real world problems with experienced practitioners to guide you.” The course is designed to help participants, “build networks with others committed to community economic development, acquire a new language to communicate your ideas across multiple fields; focus your learning on issues and opportunities in your own community; integrate your experience throughout the program; [and] expand the range of tools and methods used.”

The GCRS’ grant application states,“This project addresses our community’s struggling economy by building the capacity of local leaders through a locally hosted Simon Fraser University CED certificate course; with bursaries available to ensure that local participants can attend. By making the CED expertise available in Golden, local leaders can learn together, raise the level of CED discussion and integrate CED into existing and future initiatives.”

This $73,000 project is one of the largest projects supported by the GDCF. It is expected that by hosting this course, the community can better address local issues identified in the 2011 Golden & Area A’s Vital Signs Report; 2) strengthen local organizations with participation from several locals; and 3) bring in specialized CED experts to our community to teach courses and provide advice on addressing community challenges.

While a boom to the local community, it is expected that participants will come from afar to take advantage of this rare opportunity. Financially, this grant and project will eliminate the very costly travel expenses traditionally absorbed by locals travelling to Vancouver, Nelson or Alberta for this course. GCRS expects that those individuals involved with government, non profits, co-ops, credit unions and socially responsible businesses will find the information particularly useful. Anyone interested in the course and bursary opportunities, should contact Connie Barlow at GCRS at 250-344-2311 or  “”

The second grant was made to the Golden & District Historical Society (GDHS) and awarded from the interest earned on the Cecil & Edel Parson Memorial Fund. The GDHS is currently working to better weatherize the Golden Museum.

Following the call for proposals in October, there were funding requests for $21,684.47. The volunteer Grants Advisory Committee (GAC) thoroughly reviewed the 4 applications and then deliberated together.



These two grants were made possible by the many GDCF donors that have contributed to the collection of Community Grants Program endowment funds.


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