Bringing your best to make the Fall Faire a great success

Faire organizer Colleen Palumbo talks about what's coming up at the Fall Faire.

  • Sep. 4, 2012 7:00 p.m.

Well folks, it looks as if everything is falling into place for the Kicking Horse Country Fall Faire. I am excited to tell you that more vendors are signing up and there will be more to do – like you didn’t already have enough, right? September 8, 2012, Mount 7 Rec Plex and surrounding area will be a beehive of activity as we celebrate the return of fall!

So what we need you – the public – to do is enter, enter, enter your whatnots for the various competitions. Baking, most of you bake something! Have a look through the competition book: there are breads, dinner rolls, zucchini loaf, banana loaf, pumpkin loaf, fruit loaf, cinnamon loaf, and any other loaf you, or your friends can come up with. Remember to encourage your friends to enter with some yummy treat you have complimented them on before. Cookies and bars, cakes and rolls and pies.

As the community works to be a little more self-sustaining, it’s nice to see so many young people taking part in canning. Enter your canned goods in the faire. Only the jams, jellies, butters, and pickles will be opened for tasting. Everything else that you bring will be checked for clarity and packaging, and will remain unopened so that you can claim it back at the end of the faire. If you want your jam/pickle jars back be there at between 5 and 6 p.m. to pick them up. With so much water this year, many gardens are abundant. Bring that produce out to the faire to see if you grew something larger than your neighbour and let friends and neighbours see what is possible with a little effort!

I’ve had a number of people enquire about photographs. That is something that is so much easier today than it was at Golden’s first faire in 1911.

Crocheting, sewing, knitting, woodcrafting, scrapbooking, geocaching! Have we hit on something that you could be contributing? Do consider entering something in the faire, even if you didn’t win a ribbon, you would be ensuring that there is plenty for folks to see. The only rule about entering things in the faire is that they can’t have been entered in the Kicking Horse Fall Faire previously, so it doesn’t have to be something that you have made in the last year.

We will have the fabulous Farmers Market with us so come prepared to purchase something outstanding and support a local craftsman in doing it. Also, great music on the stage all day long, and some old favourite competitions as well as some new ones, to keep everyone entertained.

I would love to see this event grow in a way that would attract outsiders to enter our competitions, because, I believe some well-organized, large events have the ability to bring people to Golden. And really, who else has the unique variety of competitions that Golden does?

Lastly, have you gathered your crew together, or encouraged your grown kids to enter the Klahowya River Race on Sunday September 8? Over the years I have heard many people reminisce about how great it would be to see the raft race return. Here is your chance to make sure that it does. Check out the requirements by emailing

We need you! To make the faire successful! Call to volunteer an hour on the day of the Faire!