2014 Travel Planner now available

Tourism Golden has released its 2014 Travel Planner and Manager Joanne Sweeting believes it is an improvement.

Tourism Golden has released its 2014 Travel Planner and Manager Joanne Sweeting believes it is an improvement upon the successful planners that have been produced in the past.

Upgrades for this year include additional pages for the wedding industry (which now has six pages of photos and information) and a new trip planning tool that is available online at www.tourismgolden.com/planner.

“People can create an itinerary, if they see a hotel, they can click ‘add to my trip’ and it goes into a holding place. Then they can go to that and they can allocate it on a per day basis, so that they can create a full and very detailed itinerary,” Sweeting said.

“We are trying to get people beyond the stage of dreaming and surfing the website, and put it into reality by planning it.”

Another area that Tourism Golden has tried to improve is with its key events page, which gives potential tourists a specific reason to come into town. Sweeting sees this as a good way to bring in more first time visitors.

“When you look at [the events] page, you start to see Golden as an event destination,” said Sweeting.

“What I see in the future is that we start to build on that. The more we can facilitate professional event organizations holding their events here, the more [tourists] we will get.”

One key event this year will be the Singletrack 6 Mountain Bike Race. Golden will host two of the six stages for the July race and will be the only community to hold multiple stages. According to Sweeting, this will help to further showcase Golden as a great biking destination, which will ensure repeat visitors from both participants and organizers of the race.

Eighty thousand copies of the Planner have been printed, with heavy distribution in the Bow Valley especially. In order to compete with destinations such as Banff and Jasper, Sweeting believes it is important to highlight how unique Golden is even compared to those two.

With six national parks, three mountain ranges and two historic rivers in the area, there is no denying that Golden has a lot to offer tourists.

“The other [nearby destinations], they have elements of those things, but they don’t have them all in one place,” Sweeting said.