Participants from last year’s Santa Claus Parade

Participants from last year’s Santa Claus Parade

Santa Claus is coming to Golden

Santa Claus is coming to town on December 7, when Golden’s annual Christmas parade marches through downtown.

Registration is open for floats, with a small fee of $25 to be in the parade. The parade will follow it’s usual route.

This year, the Golden Agricultural Society is hoping to see the parade grow, and are encouraging anyone and everyone to partake. The float doesn’t need to be huge – it can be anything from a pick-up truck with a Christmas tree in the back, to a group of people walking together.

“This year I would love to see the parade step up, hopefully with five more floats,” said Andonia Reynolds of the Agricultural Society. “We’re trying to get the word out a little earlier so that people can start getting ready right away!”

The Agricultural Society are also planning a Christmas dance after the parade, pending support from the community.

“It’s just to give everyone an opportunity to get on their feet and get a little more celebration in,” said Reynolds. “It’s a family dance, so everyone can come out after the parade, we’ll have tables set up for refreshments and snacks.”

If the dance isn’t able to go off, Reynolds says they’ll attempt to move it to sometime between Christmas and New Years. In that event, they’ll open up the Youth Centre for something smaller after the parade.

This year’s parade theme is “favourite Christmas carol”, with participants encouraged to dress up like characters from their favourite carol, or design their float around it. Floats are also encouraged to decorate in a way that represents Golden.

The Agricultural Society has also put out a call for volunteers to help them run this year’s parade. People who want to get involved can contact the Agricultural Society directly. Prospective volunteers are also encouraged to join the board.

Without volunteers, the Agricultural Society would not be able to run the parade. For Reynolds, that would be disappointing.

“I love seeing everyone lining up on the streets,” said Reynolds. “And then, when it just gets dark and the parade starts, and you can see all the lights and hear the music, you can feel the excitement the community brings with them.”