Golden rodeo revived

Golden rodeo revived

The Golden rodeo is back, and is set to take place on Saturday, June 13, 2020. It’s the first time the rodeo is being held since 2008, and will be put on by the Golden Light Horse club.

The Horse Club is bringing back the rodeo due to community demand, according to planner Shelley Black.

“I think the locals are really searching for it again,” said Black. “We seem to have gotten the right people together to make a committee to actually make it happen.”

The rodeo will be an unsanctioned event, which Black anticipates will draw in cowboys from all over, who can come and compete just for money, and not have to worry about points.

There will be bulls, broncos, both saddleback and bareback. There will also be community events like mutton busting and lawnmower racing to get everyone involved.

Black believes now is the perfect time to revive the rodeo, after an over 10 year hiatus.

“The horse community and the enthusiasm around rodeos is growing again,” said Black. “People want to see it, so that’s why we feel we need to do it.”

The community is a big part of the rodeo, as traditionally, the rodeo has been an important part of Golden’s history.

“This is Golden’s culture, we’ve had it forever, the rodeo ran for over 30 years in our community,” said Black. “I think the locals are gonna love seeing it come back.”

Black’s vision for the rodeo has the community coming together to celebrate, creating a Stampede-like environment. While the rodeo itself is only going to be a day long event, Black sees the celebration extending for two week prior.

Painting windows, having the merchants downtown wearing western clothes, pancake breakfasts at IGA. Black sees all of things happening if the community comes together to support the revamped rodeo.

“We need the communities support, we need them to come out and participate,” said Black. “We just need their support to make it happen to keep it in the community again!”

Anyone who is looking to get involved or for more information can contact Shelley Black, or reach out through the Golden Light Horse Club’s Facebook page.