Ballet Kelowna is sure to entertain, and is one of the year’s most popular acts. Photo submitted.

Ballet Kelowna is sure to entertain, and is one of the year’s most popular acts. Photo submitted.

Ballet Kelowna returns to Golden

On November 24 at 7:30 p.m., Golden residents will be treated to a performance by the Kelowna Ballet as they make their return for the first time in nearly three years.

“They’re wonderful, and there’s a demand for them in the community,” said the director of Kicking Horse Culture, Bill Usher. “As we’ve grown, the company has grown as well, and they’re doing more adventurous dance, and more exciting dance.”

Kicking Horse Culture is responsible for bringing in Ballet Kelowna, along with the various other performers that come through Golden each year.

This year’s performance is sure to be exciting, as they put on a three movement ballet, which begins with traditional ballet to Vivaldi, and transitions into a fiery fusion of contemporary dance and Argentine Tango, before wrapping up with a crowd-pleasing Latin mambo.

But coming to the show isn’t just about the art, explains Usher. You’re sure to enjoy a sense of community when you come watch them perform, as Ballet Kelowna is one of their more popular acts. They almost always sell out when they come to town, and pack the Civic Centre to the brim.

“To experience the art that’s happening, and the artist up on stage, that’s one thing,” said Usher. “But there’s also a community vibe, neighbours talking to neighbours, friends talking to friends. It’s an opportunity to see a whole diverse range of music and people.”

While you can be sure to enjoy their performance on the Sunday, Ballet Kelowna will be rolling into town a day early to put on a dance workshop for those aged 12 and up.

Ballet Kelowna is well known for their outreach programs, and are hoping to give the members of the community an experience that they might not otherwise have an opportunity to have. The workshops are open not only to the youth of Golden, but to any adults who wish to sign up as well.

For Usher, these kinds of workshops is what Kicking Horse Culture is all about.

“We want to achieve and strive to achieve engagement with youth and engagement with the community,” said Usher. “By doing workshops like this, there’s enrichment in the community, so you don’t have to go to Calgary and spend $40 to do something like this.”

In addition to the workshop, Ballet Kelowna will also be staying an extra day after the performance to put on a show on Monday morning for 300 students. It’s opportunities like this that has Usher excited, so kids can experience art that they otherwise might not have.

Tickets for their November 24 performance can be purchased at the Box Office at Art Gallery of Golden, or purchased over the phone by calling 250-344-6186. Tickets are $20 if purchased in advance, and $25 at the door.