Winter season set to kick off with Kicking Horse Culture

Winter season set to kick off with Kicking Horse Culture

The upcoming shows will feature dance, music, theatre, and comedy.

The fall and winter season for Kicking Horse Culture is set to begin and this season offers a variety of different shows and performances.

Executive director Bill Usher says he’s excited for the upcoming performances and thinks the community will be excited by the shows. The upcoming shows will feature dance, music, theatre, and comedy.

“We like to present a diversity of performances,” Usher said. “We want to bring what the audience is interested in.”

Usher said he sees all the performances before deciding to bring them to Golden. “I’ve seen everyone perform before, so I’m not picking stuff that I haven’t seen, I’ve seen them, I like them, I bring them in.”

The season kicks off on October 19 with Chase Padgett’s new show Nashville Hurricane: A Curious Tale of Fingerpicken’ Fury. Audiences will remember him for his show 6 Guitars he performed a couple of years ago. The new show promises to be filled with lots of laughs and great music.

October 26 will bring the Downchild Blues Band who have been here twice. They’ve been together for 50 years and will bring their latest show to the Civic Centre.

Vocal group Bravura will perform November 4 and Kicking Horse Culture promises an exciting show. “The powerful voices of Bravura bring fresh excitement to the repertoire ranging from Broadway and pop to Italian folk tunes and classical music’s most emotive arias,” their website says.

Juno award winning jazz quartet The North will be here November 8 for a free concert for Kicking Horse Culture members. The concert is a thank you for all the support the members give.

Crowd favourite Motus O will return to Golden November 18. Usher says they’ve performed here a number of times and are always eager to return. According to the KHC website, MOTUS O combines athletic choreography, innovative staging and costuming, exciting music – and a decidedly wacky sensibility – to boldly reinvent classic repertoire”

The last live performance of the year will be December 2 when comedian Anne Marie Scheffeler performers her new one woman show MILF Life Crisis. Usher says it will be a fun night and that there should be a lot of women in attendance. The show promises to be filled with laughs as Scheffler “digs candidly into her own personal history to explore themes of marriage, divorce, and the challenges of a newly-single woman re-entering a dating pool that’s far weirder than she remembers it,” according to the KHC website. Scheffeler has also taken the word MILF to mean Mothers are incredibly lovely and fantastic.

Besides the live performances there is the annual craft fair on November 24 and 25 and also the Banff Mountain Film Festival on December 8.

Usher says his goal with the KHC is to help the community unite and find value in the performances.

“People are coming together as a community and having a great time. There’s a richness they get, there’s a sense that their lives become enriched.”