Ben Caldwell

Ben Caldwell

Taking a new journey with first release by Broken Down Suitcase

Broken Down Suitcase has put together years of hard word to get out their debut CD.

It took three years of jamming, writing, performing and touring, but Broken Down Suitcase has finally released their first album.

“For three years we’ve been trying to put an album out,” said one half of the folk duo Eric Larocque.

“It’s three years of people being frustrated that we don’t have one yet,” said Ben Caldwell, the other half of Broken Down Suitcase.

They got an offer to go to Victoria and do some professional recording with producer Jean-Paul Maurice. So they headed down and spent four days recording as much as they could. The self-titled debut album has eight songs on it, which means that countless others didn’t quite make the cut.

“We probably have enough for another three albums,” said Larocque.

The boys hosted an album release party at the Rockwater Grill and Bar on Saturday May 26 with opening act, and fellow Golden musicians, Willhorse.

“We don’t actually get to play here that often. We do the jam nights, but not a full show of just us. So this is exciting,” said Caldwell, just a couple hours before the party got underway.

It was about three-and-a-half years ago when Caldwell, originally from New Zealand, moved to Golden and was looking for a place to live. He found more than just a roommate in Larocque, and they started the band soon after.

“The band came later. It was an idea, and we just haven’t stopped. It’s working though, it was a good idea,” said Caldwell.

Music has been a part of both their lives since they were young, but Broken Down Suitcase has brought them to a whole other level.

“I’ve always known I wanted to be in a band, so I’ve had bands before. My first was Dead But Alive, then Nivea. This was all when I was 10 years old by the way,” said Larocque.

The duo chose to have the release party in the town where they have received so much support.

“We have a lot of friends in this town and people who have supported us,” said Larocque. “So a big thank you to Golden.”

Broken Down Suitcase is about to hit the road and do what they do best… tour. They will be in Europe performing for the next month and a half.

But if you missed the release party don’t fret. The album is available at Plain Wayne and Jane, and is also expected to be on iTunes in the next couple of weeks.