Rebels coming to play at Rockwater

Rebels bring former reporter back to Golden

Andrew Bishop

Andrew Bishop

A former  employee of The Golden Star has made a bit of a change in professions. Andrew Bishop, was a reporter in Golden who will be back to town with his fellow band mates from Rocky Mountain Rebel Music.

The band started in the summer three years ago and has evolved to include almost a dozen musicians from across Canada

“We have been together since 2008. We actually started through another band breaking up and a whole bunch of extra people coming on board. But it really all started when our singer drunkenly kissed our keyboardist’s girlfriend in the cab, then they met, and realized they both liked music. A little bit of drunken fate.” Jesse Horwood, another band member, explained.

Rocky Mountain Rebel Music are based out of Victoria B.C. but their music draws influence from around the world. Charged by reggae, rock, funk, dub, dancehall, Punk, and World Rhythms, RMRM delivers an original sound that defies comparison. Shredding guitars, bubblin’ keys, smooth horns, hand percussion, drums, and heavy bass form the rough and rugged foundation upon which vocals rise and fall like the tide on Vancouver Island’s rocky coast.

RMRM is a 10 member band that brings something different to the table.  “We have so many people and so many song writers. It’s basically a huge range of different songs and influences coming.”

These influences have served the band well as they were voted Victoria’s favorite band in 2010.

Known for mixing up their sound with numerous instruments such as Violin, Didgeridoo, Space Drum and often working with other local artists and musicians, RMRM never plays the same set twice.

“We also do a lot of festivals and I consider those some of our best accomplishments. We opened for Ky-Mani Marley.” But it isn’t just these festivals that keep RMRM going. “I love everything about music. I love being on stage, promoting, creating new music, it’s pretty addicting. It started for me with my favourite thing in the world being to jam. And then I played a show and that was the greatest, then I went on tour and that was the greatest, then I played a festival and that was my favourite. Then we did a tour with three festival dates and that was the best part. You can just bring people together. People don’t even have to speak the same language. Music is the universal language. “

RMRM’s music is one that has touched Canadians everywhere and they are looking forward to showing Golden what they have.

If you would like to listen to Rocky Mountain Rebel Music, be at the Rockwater on August 20 at 8 p.m.