Blackie and the Rodeo Kings are going to play in Golden on April 26.

Blackie and the Rodeo Kings are going to play in Golden on April 26.

Kings set to reign in Golden

Canadian music legends Blackie and the Rodeo Kings are coming to town.

It will be a night to remember when Blackie & the Rodeo Kings stop in Golden to play at the Golden Civic Centre on April 26.

Blackie & the Rodeo Kings originally formed in 1996 when Colin Linden, Stephen Fearing and Lee Harvey Osmond (aka Tom Wilson) came together to record what was supposed to be a one- off tribute album to the great Canadian songwriter Willie P. Bennett.

Currently in the middle of their west coast tour Tom Wilson took some time to talk about the band and the chance to go to places they have never played before.

“We are about as happy as a band can be. We are going to places we have never been to in 17 years. You always get to Vancouver, you always get to Calgary but there are these great cities and towns in between with people who have been fans of ours for years. I have to say the band is delighted and the crowds are delighted too,” Wilson said.

So far on the tour people have been eating up tickets with shows selling out in many cities.

“It is great. I am 52-years-old and I’m a grandfather. People are still discovering Blackie and the Rodeo Kings. People are still discovering my work with Junkhouse or Colin Linden. We have been doing this a long time so the idea of continuing to be discovered and turn over stones and find new treasures is exciting,” he said.

When the group first got together Wilson explained he never thought it would be a permanent part of his life.

“Junkhouse was at its peak when I got the call from Colin to do the album for Willie P. Bennett. We got together in the studio in Hamilton finished the record and had no idea that 17 years later I would be on a bus riding to Victoria for another sold out show,” Wilson said.

Wilson added that playing in Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, “Is probably one of the best experiences of my life…besides chocolate which is pretty good.”

The band’s latest release called Kings and Queens gave the group a chance to perform with some of their favourite female artists. Wilson said the whole process to complete the projects took almost three years and gave him many great memories.

Wilson explained how great it was working with Exene Cervenka from the Los Angeles punk band X was a great thrill.

“The spirit in her voice is really exciting.” Wilson said his favourite song was Black Sheep which was performed with Serena Ryder. “Serena Ryder’s performance on that is about as good as it gets to me.”

As for why the band has worked well together over the years Wilson said, “It feels like home. This is a band that has not acted like a band or walked and talked like a band which is why we have managed to stay together for 17 years. We have served each other’s needs and it is a band without ego. There is no showing off in our band to each other or anybody else. As a result it is a bunch of people who serve the music and serve the song.”