Golden Sound Fest takes hiatus until 2020, unless funds can be raised

Golden Sound Fest takes hiatus until 2020, unless funds can be raised

After a huge year for Golden Sound Festival, the festival coordinators have decided it is time to take another year off, until they will have funds to run the same production again.

Due to the timing of the grant cycle, and the festival not making enough money to put toward future years, organizer Todd Menzies says people in Golden will have to wait until 2020 for another Golden Sound Festival.

A majority of the funding for the festival comes from grants, and because of the grant cycle, Soundfest organizers won’t know until April if they get enough money to put on the festival again for next year. Not knowing until April is too short of time to pull off a festival, Menzies said, adding that now is the time when they should be booking headliners, stages, and sound for the summer.

“The catch is, I should be booking bands now, I should be reserving our stage now. We should be making those big commitments now,” Menzies said.

Unless they are able to come up with $20,000 in the next couple of months, the festival will have to wait until 2020.

“Last year for us was a success. With that said, we lost thousands and thousands of dollars,” Menzies said. “It was a success on many levels, and we never gauge success on the financial side of things. Unfortunately, it is the reality that it takes money to run this thing.”

Golden Sound Festival sources grants like Creative BC, and others for a majority of its funding, but the festival is now calling on Golden residents and businesses for sponsorship that will help make future festivals a financial success.

“We were just thinking, maybe if we put it out there a little more publicly, and say ‘hey Golden, do you want it back?’ We want to hear more, we want to hear what Golden wants, what Golden thought,” Menzies said. “There’s people that want to support it themselves, but most of them are not at a financial position to do this or that.”

Opening up the funding to business sponsors in Golden could bring in new revenue, and if support was garnered quickly enough, Golden Sound Festival could happen again next summer, but the crunch is on.

“I think that we can get there,” Menzies said. “We do want to bring it back in the same form, bigger and better. We just can’t commit to 2019.”

Even if funds can’t be raised to have Golden Sound Fest in 2019, the crew will continue to plan for 2020. When the grant cycle is done in April, organizers have 18 months to use the funds, which can be put toward 2020.

Part of Menzies’ plan to get corporate sponsorship involved is to help assist organizers for planning an annual event that doesn’t rely as heavily on grant funding.

Menzies had hoped that after five years, Golden Sound Festival could continue to be an annual event, and the crew will work toward making that happen, and making the festival become an integral part of every summer in Golden.

“We’re here, we’re a part of the community, and we want to do this,” Menzies said.

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