Golden Film Festival is set to return in 2012

The Golden Film Festival is set to return in 2012 after The Gentlemen’s Leisure Club of Golden took over the event.

The Gentlemen’s Leisure Club of Golden


The Golden Film Festival is back for 2012 and it is under new management.

The Gentlemen’s Leisure Club of Golden is excited to bring some new ideas to the table with this great event that takes place March 29-31 in Golden, BC.

“[The Gentlemen’s Leisure Club] could not be more excited to take the festival under The GLCG umbrella as it fits great within our organization’s goals. Thank you to Cliff Markham for creating this event and selecting us to continue it.” says GLCG member Dan Rose. Cliff Markham and Rider Media started the Golden Film Festival in 2008 and recently advertised that he was looking to hand over the reigns.

The biggest change for this year is the move to a three day festival. The event will run from Thursday, March 29 to Saturday, March 31. Thursday and Friday will showcase a Feature Film forerun by a pair of Short Films. Saturday will be the classic community gathering showing a broad range of films in a four and a half hour span.

To continue improving from previous Festivals, films will only be accepted in an online digital format. Further submission details can be found at This new format, along with larger screens and projectors will let films be viewed in the highest quality possible.

As the purpose of this event is to showcase unique films and the artists that make them, the Festival will be open to films from around the world.

Local and international films will go head to head for various awards and the always prestigious Crowd Favourite title.

“We are looking to broaden the scope of films shown at the Festival. If a film is unique and entertaining then we want to bring it to Golden, regardless of where it is filmed.” says Telsin Bennet of the GLCG. “As usual, we are looking forward to seeing the creative entries that come right from our back yard. The local films are what make this event unique.”  Film topics can be anything from comedy, to shred action, to documentary.

More information, including submission forms, is available at

If you are interested in sponsoring the Golden Film Festival, please contact Brian Coles at

Tickets for Thursday and Friday’s shows will be $10 and Saturday will be $20.

A pass for the entire Festival can be purchased for $30. Stay tuned for locations to pre-purchase your tickets.

The Gentlemen’s Leisure Club of Golden is a non-profit society aimed at building community spirit through events and sports in the Golden area.

Fundraising from our events will go back into the community through further events and by supporting low income children in the pursuit of sport as a positive lifestyle choice.