From the Prairies with love from Indigo Joseph

The new indie rock band from Saskatchewan, Indago Joseph, will be in Golden Oct. 11.

Indago Joseph

Indago Joseph

There is a new indie rock band from Saskatchewan making their way through the music industry on a road that will bring them to Golden on October 11.

Indigo Joseph have had their music described as “a weird blend of spanish-disco-psych.” The band, who just released a new EP entitled “Lilith,” will be playing at the Rockwater Grill and Bar.

Eric Tessier, a member of the band, recently shared his thoughts on the band, the music and more.

He explained the band came together when, “Etienne Fletcher, Byrun Boutin-Maloney and Kelly Molnar (the original drummer) were school-mates, and knew Sean McCannell through mutual friends.

“When Molnar moved to Toronto to pursue school last fall, they were looking for a new drummer. I ended up at a party one night, and the guys were discussing the future of their band. We jammed and it was a great fit.”

The interesting mix of music is something Tessier explained.

“Well, I’ll speak to the Spanish part first: both Byrun and Etienne have lived in South America at different points in their life and speak quasi-fluent Spanish (although French is their first language). They’ve had a chance to soak in some of the Latin-American rhythms, and subsequently write music which can sometimes reflect this,” he said.

“Regarding disco: we play music that gets the crowd moving, disco is a fun way to take rock and roll chords and make them a bit more dance-able. Psych? Some of our songs, Lilith in particular, have a chaotic, dissonant feel – imagine a kaleidoscope of sound.”

He  added that the shows are fun filled, with dancing, sweat soaked t-shirts, and genuine rock n’ roll.

“Inspiration can be found in a lot of different forms. Most simply, we’re all driven to create. We’ve created a limitless canvass for ourselves, and that’s very exciting. Our influences range from friends and family, to the iconic music of The Beatles, The Clash, The Talking Heads, The Pixies, The White Stripes, and The Gorrillaz,” said Tessier.

Being on the road Tessier said it is something he truly enjoys.

“The best part of being on the road? Playing to people who have never seen us play before. Providing a memorable night for our listeners. Having the opportunity to see parts of this beautiful country that we’ve never seen before, and getting to do this with three close friends.”

People should drop by the Rockwater for the show because in Tessier’s opinion, “We’re not coming back until next summer, so you can bet we’re going to give it everything we’ve got!”