Eric St-Laurent Trio comes to play in Golden.

Eric St-Laurent Trio comes to play in Golden.

Eric St-Laurent Trio comes to the Island

The Island Restaurant is once again bringing live music to Golden.

The Island Restaurant is bringing in some live entertainment for you on Tuesday March 6.

The Eric St-Laurent Trio, fronted by Eric St-Laurent will be filling the restaurant with their subversive and distinct new sound.

The trio also includes percussionist Michael DeQuevedo and bassist Jordan O’Connor, as well as St-Laurent on guitar. The three create a unique sound that combines jazz and blues, afro-cuban rhythms, rock guitar, cinematic soundscapes and blues phrasing.

Formed in 2008, the Eric St-Laurent Trio brings together three musicians with very different backgrounds to create that unique sound.

St-Laurent, who had spent a decade overseas in Berlin performing and recording with some of Europe’s biggest names, set out to assemble a new band to perform the music he’s been writing.

The music reflects the iconic Canadian experience of cultural groups meeting and interacting, setting to song the free exchange of new ideas and mish-mash of cultures Canada itself is celebrated for.

The trio embodies that philosophy, as all three have different backgrounds and bring a unique cultural aspect to the group.

St-Laurent was born and raised in Montreal, and has been featured on more than 50 recordings, produced multiple albums, composed scores for short films and theatre, and toured extensively in Europe and Canada. He also studied improvisation in New York.

DeQuevedo was born in Mexico before moving to Toronto, where he currently resides. He has been playing the drums since he was a small child, and has toured Italy, Chile, Mexico, Cuba, the United States and Canada with celebrated artists such as Grammy winner Julieta Venega.

O’Connor is an Ottawa native who has been living and performing in Toronto for the past 13 years. He is classically trained, yet has a background in heavy metal and has been composing for a variety of ensembles as well as for film.

The group has just released a new album called Ruby, and some of its songs can be previewed at

The Eric St-Laurent Trio will be performing at the Island Restaurant at 7 p.m. on Tuesday March 6.