Chimney Swallows

Chimney Swallows

Chimney Swallows at the Golden Taps

Chimney Swallows is performing at the Golden Taps Pub on Monday Oct. 29.

This fall songwriters Raghu Lokanathan and Corwin Fox are touring B.C. to launch their new act, the Chimney Swallows. After a half dozen tours over as many years, the two songwriters felt like something had taken shape that was worth giving a name to.  The Chimney Swallows aim to set songs free to be everything they can be, from art to mischief to protest to prayer. They sing harmony, pick guitar, frail banjo, squeeze accordion and tell stories.

Fox played bass in punk bands as a teenager in the Ottawa Valley, put in his time touring the country in a dirty van in an art rock group, and studied sound engineering. Now based on Vancouver Island, he has a career divided between performance projects like Morlove (with Miss Emily Brown) and his highly acclaimed work as a record producer for a league of independent artists.  Raghu Lokanathan, who calls Prince George home, has been described as “…a rare sort of artist whose work evokes a world both strange and familiar…an artful dabbler in folk traditions”.  He studied accordion as a kid, picked up the guitar in his teens and eventually taught himself clawhammer-style banjo. The two musicians played their first gigs while they were both employed as pages at the Victoria Public Library, including singing songs at the picket lines during a strike by the library workers. Since then they’ve been steadily refining their sound and show at clubs, festivals, cafes and house concerts all over the province.

The Chimney Swallows will be swooping in and out of a bunch of BC towns on their upcoming fall tour. They perform at the Golden Taps Pub on Monday, October 29. For more info about the show call the Golden Taps Pub at 250-344-7155.