Baka Beyond set to take over Spirit Square

Afro-Celtic Dance Trance with Baka Beyond

Baka Beyond is set to perform a fun show outside in Golden.

Baka Beyond is set to perform a fun show outside in Golden.

Music with a worldly influence will be bringing a new sound to Golden. Baka Beyond will be joining the Summer Kicks line up on August 3.

“The music was originally inspired by the music of the Baka Forest People, hunter-gathering living in the Cameroon Rainforest. My wife and I stayed with them for six weeks back in 1992, played much music with them, recording the music as it happened,”Martin Cradick, band leader explained, “the first album, “Spirit of the Forest” was based on these recordings.”

Cradick explained that although the record company was going to put the first album out under his name, he felt that he could not take the credit.

“I felt it wasn’t appropriate as so much of the music came from Baka. I had about two days to think up a new name before printing deadlines and came up with Baka Beyond, short for Baka beyond the forest.”

Baka Beyond’s music, which is described as “Afro-Celtic Dance Trance”, is a style that has been developed throughout time. The vibe, which has been years in the making, is promised to leave the audience with “their body, heart and soul refreshed and to leave with a big smile on their face.”

Cradick says that staying true to where their music comes from is an important part of the bands show. And the bands musical style isn’t the only thing to stay true to its roots.

“The first album “Spirit of the Forest” was based on jams recorded during Su and my first visit to the Baka in the Cameroon rainforest.  Many of the ideas therefore came from them and we felt that they deserved their share of royalties. We see it more as “Fair Trade” than “charity”.  Over the years the money earned by the Baka’s music has financed various projects, which you can read about at  More recently we have been involved in putting on festivals of traditional music and dance both in Cameroon and Ethiopia.  We believe in encouraging “Unity through diversity”.  In many parts of the world (if not all) traditional cultural elements get swamped by a multinational conformity pushed by big commercial concerns in the music & fashion industry.”

Baka Beyond have travelled around the world playing their music and explained that although they have seen and met people from all over the globe, they have come to realise that we are all very similar. What audiences often realise about the band, is that their music is always light hearted and leave the crowd content.

“The Dalai Lama said that the purpose of life is to be happy.  Our music isn’t soul-wrending or angst ridden, but is uplifting – it’s fun to play and the audience will leave uplifted.”

For those who are thinking about coming to the show, the band said that a sneak peak of what to expect can be found online.

“Clips of our music can be heard at, but the live experience is what it’s really about. We have almost finished a new album.  It is due to be released in October, but we will be offering a free download track to people who come to the concert, and also we will be selling “pre-orders” at a special price ($5) where one of the tracks will be available for download now and the rest will come on the release date.”

Also playing on August 3 will be Jane Fearing. Jane, who often sings with her daughter, is a Golden local with a great deal of talent. Her sets often contain covers and originals and are full of heart.


Fearing will be playing the tweener set for Baka Beyond and keeping the crowd warmed up with music surrounding them. To be part of an uplifting musical experience, drop by the Spirit Square on August 3 at 7 p.m.