A masque ball with a little more boom

The Boom Booms are filling in for Oka at the Snow King Masque Ball on Feb. 15, after Oka was forced to cancel due to health issues.

Get ready for the boom.

The Boom Booms have stepped up to fill in for Oka at the Snow King Masque Ball on Feb. 15, after Oka was forced to cancel due to health issues.

Although it is unfortunate that Oka will not be able to make it, the ball now gives Golden the chance to see the band that was scheduled as the opener for 2012’s Summer Kicks series. The Boom Booms were delayed on the road while making their way to Golden, and did not make it in time to perform at the June concert.

Since their launch in 2007, the Vancouver-based six-piece rock-pop band has built a loyal fanbase that stretches across generations.

Founded by lifelong friends Aaron Ross and Geordie Hart, the six piece Latin-soul-funk-rock-reggae band makes music that people want to dance to.

Ross and Hart found their passion for Latin music and culture during journey through Cuba and Mexico when they were 20. As a result, many of their songs (lyrics by Ross) were written and sung in Spanish.

The Vancouver band has drawn their inspiration from musical acts like Damian Marley, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Paul Simon, the Budos Band and Gregory Isaacs, all of whom’s  essence can be heard in the Boom Boom’s music.

Their first release in 2007, Butterfly Man, spawned the feel-good party anthem When the Night, which made it to number six on the Much More Music countdown in 2008, was also optioned for and episode of the television series 90210.

The Boom Booms have travelled the globe, playing shows on the streets of Paris and Brussels, and the stage at the infamous Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

They recently performed in front of thousands of fans at the 2012 TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival, and took part in Sarah McLachlan’s Voices in the Park concert on Sept. 15, 2012.

The Snow King Masque Ball is the precurser to the Snow King Masque Parade the following evening.

The ball will take place at the Golden Civic Centre on Feb. 15. Tickets are available at the Art Gallery of Golden.