A coastal sound hits streets as Caladh Nua comes to Golden

Spirit Square alive with the sound of music

Music with an Irish twist is coming to Golden.

Music with an Irish twist is coming to Golden.

A costal vibe is heading to Golden next week. Caladh Nua will be playing at the Spirit Square on July 20 at 7 p.m.

Caladh Nua is an Irish band that stays true to their roots, ‘Caladh Nua’ is old Irish for “New Harbour”.

“Caladh is an old Irish word meaning ‘Harbour’ or ‘Shelter place’. Caladh Nua means a ‘New Harbour’ or ‘New Shelter place’. As we play most of our music in coastal areas, Waterford, we thought this would be a suitable name,” Eoin O Meachair explained.

Caladh Nua’s upbeat tunes and traditional instruments will bring Golden a refreshing taste of Ireland for this Summer Kicks Concert.

“We play traditional Irish to the core but with the added ingredients of a fresh youthful approach, a sense of fun and a willingness to start from the beaten path.”

Their toe tapping tunes will include “all aspects of traditional music from said Irish laments to quirky fun filled ballads.”

And much like all Irish music, the crowd is encouraged to sing along.

“A notable aspect of our band is that we like to include the audience in our performance by teaching them the words of a song to sing with us.”

Having the crowd sing along with them is part of the reason this band continues to do what they do.

“It’s great seeing the audience enjoying our music as much as we are enjoying playing.”

Caladh Nua’s songs have been sung around the world.

Based in Ireland, the band has toured Germany, Austria and currently Canada to share their music which shares stories” about forgotten love, heartbreak, revenge and a hint of the Irish rebellious nature.”

During the show, Caladh Nua will be stepping away from the stage and letting Tony Bell take over for the tweener.

Tony Bell is a Golden local who loves to share his talent. With guitar  in hand, bells skill will fill the Spirit Square.

This show will give everyone in Golden the chance  to experience a taste of Ireland and a local talent.

Everyone should drop by the Spirit Square at 7 p.m. on June 20 to be a part of the concert series unlike anything else.

Keep an eye out for more shows that will be coming throughout the summer.