EDITORIAL: Community forest creates jobs and opportunity

Every day, small things are making big waves in our community. Golden…

EDITORIAL: Shaping our community

Nomination packages for municipal elections have been returned, and now we get…

EDITORIAL: The ripple effect

This week, our town discovered that we’re not as inclusive and accepting…

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Mountain Minute June 20, 2019
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EDITORIAL: A burning issue

As the province burns up, there has been quite the buzz about…

DeMeer: Cats and dogs are reigning – and it’s wrong

Princeton editor Andra DeMeer tackles the issue placing pets over people

EDITORIAL: Economics is neighbourly support

In order for a community to grow, economic development needs to continue…

EDITORIAL: “One bad moment”

“One bad moment.” That short sentence struck a chord with me this…

Editorial: Twinning the highway is integral to safety

This weekend, I was heading east from Kinbasket Lake, returning home after…

Editorial: No end in sight to housing shortage

There has been quite the conversation going around that changes to taxation…

EDITORIAL: Vandalism shows need for rainbow crosswalk

Hateful graffiti shows Salmon Arm’s need for a symbol of inclusion

EDITORIAL: Greyhound will be replaced

With Greyhound cancelling its services in most of Western Canada, it has…

Time to find a solution

There are a number of reasons for the employee shortage, but we need to figure out how to fix it

EDITORIAL: Protect our waters

Over and over, we are seeing reports of people missing or ignoring…

Editorial: Friendship matters most

Friendship is probably one of the most powerful things in life. You…

EDITORIAL: Maryland journalists killed in pursuit of truth

Five people were gunned down in the Capital Gazette newsroom

Canada Day means community

Another Canada Day is upon us, and fun and festivities are in…

Editorial: What’s all the fuss about pot?

Don’t worry, be happy about pot legalization

  • Jun 26, 2018

Editorial: May’s actions honourable

Almost a month ago, Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May pleaded…

EDITORIAL: All children created equal

There are still some who justify President Donald Trump’s treatment of migrant children

  • Jun 19, 2018

Editorial: Happy Father’s Day to all the dads

This week, we say thank you to the fathers in our lives.…