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Wildsight prepares for weed pull

The local Wildsight group will be looking for volunteers to come out and support a weed pull event.

Kay deBoer


Well, they say summer has come, though the weather may beg to differ. The birds are singing, the sun is shinning (occasionally), the water’s high, and the invasive weeds are growing - flourishing, really. Because of this, Wildsight Golden, in collaboration with the Town of Golden, has a summer-long Invasive Weed Management Program that’s working to control invasive weeds in this area. Through weed-pulling and education of the public, the goal is to get a handle on the rampant spread of alien plants in Golden.

Invasive weeds are considered to be second only to habitat loss in terms of their threat to biodiversity. They thrive here because, having been introduced, they have no natural enemies or controlling elements. Quickly out-competing native species, these weeds choke the life out of all other plants trying to grow in the area, and can overtake entire gardens. Often appearing at first to be pretty and unthreatening, these plants can overcome the whole yard in a relatively short period of time. Any Golden resident interested in having a free backyard survey to check for invasive weeds and to learn how best to deal with them can sign up at the Wednesday Farmers’ Market at the Wildsight booth, or can contact Kay or Claire at

On July 13, Golden is having its 5th Annual Weed Pull.

Come out and help eradicate the invaders along the shore of the Kicking Horse River.

The event starts at 9 a.m. at the Pedestrian Bridge, and includes a free lunch at Bacchus Books Cafe afterwards. Help keep Golden’s alien weeds under control, and come out for the weed pull. Equipment will be provided. Please RSVP by emailing so a lunch can be reserved for you.

Though summer seems to be hesitant to show itself, the invasive weeds are not. Whether you are interested in a backyard survey, participating in the weed pull, or anything else, contact the Invasive Weed Co-ordinators Kay and Claire deBoer at, or come out to the Wednesday Farmers’ Market and drop by the Wildsight booth.