Wildsight invasive plant coordinator for 2023 Calvin Beauchesne. (Contributed)

Wildsight invasive plant coordinator for 2023 Calvin Beauchesne. (Contributed)

Wildsight Golden’s Community Invasive Plant Program comes to an end

The study was on impacts of invasive plants in Golden

Wildsight Golden recently wrapped up the 2023 Community Invasive Plant Program (CIPP), which aimed to decrease invasive plant infestations while increasing public awareness about the environmental, social, and economic impacts invasive plants can have on Golden.

This final report is accessible online at chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/https://d1tfm8vclpltjj.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Goldens-Community-Invasive-Plant-Program-Final-Report-2023.pdf?x62823, outlining the actions and results achieved by the program in 2023.

The CIPP works in partnership with the Town of Golden and the Columbia-Shuswap Invasive Species Society (CSISS), seeking to reduce invasive plant populations with the Town of Golden through public outreach, as well as a variety of non-toxic mechanical treatment methods.

A total of 83 bags of invasive plants were removed during the 2023 CIPP, bringing the program’s total (since it’s establishment in 2010), to 2,602 bags of weeds.

Public outreach was an important element of the 2023 CIPP as the program coordinator was responsible for a variety of tasks such as using the Invasive Alen Plant Program (IAPP) survey forms and methodology to inventory invasive plants on high-priority sites; managing invasive plants at priority sites; planning facilitating Golden’s Annual Community Weed Pulls; and educating the public about invasive plants through outreach.

Data found online (Invasive Alien plant program) suggests that Wildsight Golden’s Community Invasive Plant Program has reduced invasive plant populations within the Town of Golden since its establishment in 2010. The success of the CIPP is due to newly established and strengthened partnerships with community members and organizations.

Critical to the success of the CIPP are the partnerships with CSISS and the town of Golden. Ongoing communication with both of these partner groups will ensure that the invasive plant management in Golden is manageable, coordinated, and where possible, non-toxic.

Overall, the CIPP continues to be effective for managing invasive plant populations within the Town of Golden. Continued partnerships and optimized public outreach will continue to raise awareness about non-toxic methods to control invasive plants.

For more information check out the Wildsight website.