Vote to help Golden Minor Hockey

Local hockey player, coach, and junior team president Curt Thorne has been named a top 20 finalist for Kraft: Hockey Goes On.

Anyone who spends anytime at the Golden Arena knows the name, and has heard the voice of Curt Thorne. Recently Thorne was nominated for the Kraft: Hockey Goes On awards, and is one of the 20 finalists for the Pacific region.

The awards are for people who have given a great deal back to hockey in their community.

“It is very touching to be thought about like that. I saw the essays that were written and it was touching,” Thorne said.

One of the letters nominating Thorne was written by Carey Alexander, who is the mother of one of the players on the minor hockey team that Thorne coaches.

“My husband had come home one night after seeing Curt sing the national anthem. I have seen him do amazing things with kids and parents. He is completely selfless with his time, and there are not many people out there like that,” she said.

Now that Thorne has made it to the voting stage (the voting will start at 9 a.m. (Eastern time), March 23-24) there is the chance that minor hockey in Golden could greatly benefit.

According to the Kraft: Hockey Goes On website, the top 5 Grand Prize winning nominees will win $100,000 for their selected minor mockey association. A total of 20 Second Prize winning nominees will also win $20,000 to be awarded to their selected minor hockey association. With only 20 nominees left in the Pacific region, Thorne is hoping people will vote to help out minor hockey in Golden.

“The real honour is to be thought of as someone like that, but now it is an opportunity for us to get some money into the town, which is what I have always been about. I want to keep hockey going in our town,” Thorne said.

“I have never met anybody like Curt. It is amazing to have my kids in this organization and have them grow up with a coach like him. The kids in the group are truly amazing,” Alexander said. “The amount of community support since we found out has been great. My Facebook page is filled with people talking about Curt who do not even know him.”

Alexander asked that people go online on March 23 and 24 to the Pacific section of the Kraft: Hockey Goes On website to vote for Thorne.

On Saturday March 23, Barrault BrandSource will set up a voting station for those people that don’t have computers so they can come by and vote in the contest.