Vice Principal at Golden Secondary School prepares to retire

Golden Secondary School will be losing a VP at the end of the school year.

Barry Johnson Retiring VP of GSS

Barry Johnson Retiring VP of GSS

For the past nine years students and staff at Golden Secondary School have worked with vice-principal and art teacher Barry Johnson.

At the end of this school year Johnson will be saying good-bye to teaching and starting a new time in his life when he retires.

Before coming to Golden, Johnson worked in Alberta for 23 years in various capacities.

“I am going to stick around Golden. There are no big, strange or startling kind of plans. It will be typical stuff. Spend more times with kids and family and maybe grandkids on the horizon,” Johnson said.

He also plans on doing some of the things he has put off doing over the years including creating some art.

He also is looking forward to enjoying the outside life in the area.

Johnson said there was not any particular reason why he made the decision now other than things seemed to be at the right point and he does have many friends who have retired and talk about a great life they are leading.

As for next September Johnson admitted there will be things he will miss about the job.

“I will miss working with the great staff here and of course working around teenagers. I believe they help keep a person young,” he said.

Over the years in his vice principal roles Johnson said he has had to deal with many different situations  which could have caused a great deal of stress.

Humour is one thing which has helped him through the years.

“I try to find the funny side of stories. There is usually some cute aspect of situations. There are some serious situations which have to remain that way but most of it is human nature playing itself out,” Johnson said.

With his final countdown already started Johnson did have a message for all of the people at the school.

“Keep looking after each other and looking after yourselves. There is an exceptional culture in this school. There is a lot of support for kids and the students themselves look after each other,” he said.

“Here there are some great support for students and parents are involved. I think we have some great citizens graduating from GSS every year.”