Turning Back the Pages: Why Golden is in the same timezone as Calgary

By Colleen Palumbo

A couple little bits that may be of interest to you.

A decision made by our townspeople more than 100 years ago that has always has been a hotly debated subject: The decision to change to daylight savings time.

The following is an article from The Golden Star on March 17, 1905, with regards to their reasons and who was involved.

“The move was instituted to have the Town revert back to the time formerly in vogue in Golden, namely changing our time to correspond with that of Calgary, has met with the hearty approval of the business men and citizens.

This week a petition was circulated and signed by all the business houses and industries in town

besides the majority of the citizens.

The change will give the different athletic bodies an opportunity to get out in the evening and do some practicing during the summer months, and will also benefit others in a good many ways.

The change is to go into effect on Saturday next, the 25th inst., at midnight, so that there will be no confounding of time for the following Monday, as by doing so on Saturday night, no one will be put out over getting up in the morning, as Sunday will be an off day and everyone will be prepared for work on Monday, the 27th.”

The following is the petition which was sent around during the week and signed by all the merchants, hotels, the Imperial Bank, factories, livery stables, blacksmiths, churches, and citizens.

“We, the undersigned residents of Golden, believing that it would be to our general advantage to use the time formerly prevailing in this town, are willing to advance our time one hour, making it the same as at Calgary and Cranbrook, and one hour ahead of CPR time at this station, the same to take effect at midnight, Saturday next, 25th March, 1905. Signed: The Golden Star, per O.D. Hoar; Upper Columbia Transportation Co., F. P. Armstrong; T. O’Brien, Barrister; contractor, James Henderson; Columbia Hotel, J.G. Ullock; C.A. Davidson, jeweler;

Chas. A. Warren, merchant; Queen’s Hotel, J.C. Greene; Kootenay Hotel, H.G. Gordon; J.C. Tom & Co.; Buckham Drug Co.; Columbia Barber Shop; Imperial Bank, per A. B. McClenghan; Criterion Restaurant, per H. Starforth; P. Burns & Co.; WJ. Gould, photographer; J. McHattie’s Carriage Works; The Russell; H.G. Parson, merchant; St. Paul’s Church; Sash & Door Factory; Golden Barber Shop; Windermere Lumber Co.; AC. Hamilton’s Livery; Golden Hospital Society; Methodist Church; Wenman Shoe Factory; Laborers, Co., per O.D. Hoar; Presbyterian Church, per Rev. R.L. Johnston; and over 100 citizens.”

From The Golden Star, August 12, 1905, just a little something I thought was humorous. There are many people who have suffered while trying to work with a gasoline engine.

“Last week, the editor of The Star took in the Windermere sports. Before leaving he got the paper all ready for the press and left the devil to do the rest. The devil tried to start the gasoline engine. It bucked. And this is the tale of woe he sprung on the editor: ‘I have driven balky horse, sulky mules, and worked oxen on a plow that wouldn’t scour; run a sled in the mud, put up stovepipes that did not fit on stoves that had no draught; I’ve been broke a long ways from home and had friends turn against me without cause; I have had the measles, whooping cough and the itch, suffered disappointment in live, been thrown from moving freight trains, had fortune snatched from my grasp; but I never, no never, knew what utter and indescribable grief this world could inflict on a human being until I went against a balky gasoline engine.

‘For pure, undefiled and unlimited cussedness it has no equal, and there is as yet no known method by which you can vent or satisfy your wrath against it. It is simply cold iron and a cold proposition and the only thing to do when they balk is to go out in the back yard and swear or drown yourself in booze, and – you do both.’”

But J. E. Wrenn of the Queen’s Hotel tells a different story.

He stated that the devil came to him and in a thirsty time of voice told of his troubles.

He went up to the printing palace, took a look at the engine, pressed the electric button, and biff, bang, whizz, off goes the engine. The devil had forgotten to turn on the electricity. Drop into the Golden Museum to see this impressive beast.

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