Turning Back the Pages: Big renovations deserve big patience

Turning Back the Pages: Big renovations deserve big patience

By Colleen Palumbo

I’m sure by now everyone has had the chance to go stand in line at the post office to retrieve their mail during the disruption that is taking place there. It looks like quite a big renovation is underway and I’m sure whatever they are up to will make it better for the community.

I’ve been there a few times and find that most people are pretty patient but it’s difficult to watch the ladies behind the counter struggling to keep up as everyone has to go to the counter to ask for their mail. I think you are doing an amazing job – thanks a lot.

I came across this article written by father Pat, on our responsibility as a community to support each other. It’s called “YOU:”

“You are a person!

You are a Goldenite.

Are you not aware that you are a member of the Golden community?

As a member, you are Golden and Golden is you. Thus, you really are Golden.

When you care, Golden cares.

When you work, Golden works.

When you offer services and friendship, Golden is serving and helpful.

Or, to put it in another light, if you fail to serve, Golden fails.

If you neglect your neighbour, Golden fails.

If you are wrong, mean, unkind, discriminating or unjust, Golden is the same.

If you want Golden to do something, you had better get moving.

If you think Golden is on the wrong tack, missing the boat, or going down the drain, you had better stop talking about yourself.

Men have always wanted to leave something permanent behind themselves. Only the great or the highly talented have the opportunity to accomplish this through history or the arts. Everyone, however, leaves something that outlasts the greatest fame or deed when he reached out, even for a few moments, in caring for another. He or she touched the ways of all men when they can care for another person or persons with deep responsibility. He or she becomes an instrument of life when they truly care. Their names may be forgotten, but his presence of goodness survives in the affection they leave behind. Remember YOU are Golden.”

I’ve waited in line before at the post office, do you remember the time that the head office decided we only need one wicket in Golden, but the employees knew better? We stood in lines then and in the end it was proven what we needed. Those ladies behind the counter and the folks in the back are our friends and our neighbours. I will always be patient when I stand there because one year on Christmas eve, I got a call from the ladies at the post office to tell me that I had a parcel in, and they were trying to call everyone so that as many parcels as possible could be picked up and under the tree for Christmas morning. Where else would you get service like that except Golden?

And while it may not be all that important while you are standing in line, here is a little history lesson for you: the postal service in Golden is the oldest continuous service that we have ever had. The first mail arrived in Golden before the railway arrived here in 1884.

Stay Golden everyone.