Thrift shop overstock needs transport

Bargain Basement thrift shop needs help to get overstock to the city.

The generosity of the people of Golden has been much appreciated by the Bargain Basement thrift shop.

The people of Golden have been very generous to the Bargain Basement thrift shop. But that means that there are bags of overstock that they no longer have room for in the store.

“We just have too much stuff brought in. And this month is take-down month, so sometimes we have bags and bags of stuff. And then we put the summer stuff out,” said Anne Wilson, longtime volunteer with the Bargain Basement.

The bags upon bags of clothes that cannot be sold in the shop are sitting in a storage shed behind the church. Wilson is asking if anyone who may be planning a trip to Calgary would be willing to transport a few bags to other shops in the city.

“When I started back in 1992, there was so much stuff that was going to waste,” she said. “We’re just not keeping up with it. And I hate to throw anything in the dump when I know there’s people out there who could use this stuff.”

Wilson has a list of places in Calgary that can take loads of clothing.

“It will go to whoever thinks they can use it. I have a list of places, so anyone who’s interested can come to me and I can give them the list. There’s about seven different places in Calgary who I know will take it.”

But that does not mean that only people heading to Calgary can help.

“It doesn’t have to go to Calgary. Anyone who is travelling somewhere, and is willing to take a couple bags would be great,” said Wilson. “My grandsons have taken loads to Kelowna. And people who have been going to Kamloops or Vancouver have taken some bags as well.”

The Bargain Basement, located in the basement of the St. Andrews United Church, takes about 24 volunteers to keep it going. They also have a high school student coming in to work eight hours a week, funded in part by the Columbia Basin Trust.

The shop is open Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“We get a lot of young people coming in from the high school from 3 to 4 p.m. And sometimes it’s just nice to have young people in. You hear them laughing. And it’s great to have a young person working, because things that I think should go in the garbage, they inform me that that stuff is in style,” said Wilson.

When sorting the clothes, Wilson tends to throw away items with holes in them. But that was until people told her that some of the jeans are supposed to have holes in them.

Wilson is at the Bargain Basement almost every day, making sure the store runs smoothly.

“My kids sometimes worry that I spend too many hours here. But what goes around comes around. Sure sometimes I’m really tired when I go home, but I get lots of pleasure out of it. I’m constantly making new friends here,” she said.

“It opens up many doors.”

If anyone is interested in taking some bags of overstock to Calgary or any other city, they can contact Wilson at the church at 344-6117, or at home at 344-2937.