The Golden Star hosts college student

College student

College student

In an attempt to assist a young college student’s experience in the world of graphic communications, the Golden Star recently welcomed Alesha Thompson into the office for a weeklong practicum. Alesha, native of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, is currently enrolled in the Digital Graphics Communications program at S.A.I.T. Polytechnic in Calgary; she will be graduating with honours this April.

Alesha’s interest in having her practicum in Golden was one part due to the beauty of the town, but also the opportunity to work in the newspaper industry was also appealing.

“I am really interested in newspaper and advertising design and layout. That is why I thought the Golden Star would be a good fit because I would have the opportunity to try both,” Alesha Thompson said of why she approached the Golden Star in the first place.

The two-year diploma program Alesha is currently wrapping up is primarily focused on giving students the proper tools to establish themselves in the fast-paced industry of Canada’s printing and graphic communications industry.

Through the utilization of modern software, like InDesign, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, and Photoshop, just to name a few, Alesha believes her training is definitely directing her in the career path of her desire.

“I see myself freelancing as a logo designer or in business branding. I also wouldn’t mind finding a job in newspaper layout or working in the magazine industry,” Thompson added.

These future aspirations need not only a solid educational background, but also invaluable hands-on work experience, hence the practicum.

“I’ve learned a lot for only being at the Golden Star for a week. The main thing I’ve picked up has been the importance of keeping organized. There are deadlines in the newspaper industry, but often things can change at the last minute. That is why I found that, with Carolyn especially, when last minute changes come, being extremely organized makes things a lot easier to handle,” Thompson explained.

The Golden Star was more than willing to help out Alesha as she strives for success in her chosen profession. Her time around the office was refreshing for the staff, as we too picked up a few tricks from her.

“Everyone in the office has been so helpful and friendly to me. I got a good sense of what kind of community Golden is just by spending a week at the Star. I am happy I was accepted here. Maybe I’ll even move here after I graduate,” Thompson concluded.