The Golden Farmers Market ends for the season

As summertime comes to an end, so does the Golden Farmers Market.

The Golden Farmers Market ends for the season

As summertime comes to an end, so does the Golden Farmers Market.

After a busy season, vendors are packing up their tents and wares. The farmers markets ran between July and the end of September, with weekly Saturday markets running until the end of August. The final market of the season was this Wednesday.

“All in all it was another great season, September brought many fun weekend event markets so there was a lot of participation from locals, businesses, groups, and other non profits,” explained vendor Ingrid Risch. “The farmers’ market, as a non profit itself, likes to encourage not only local small business, but act as a weekly event which other non profits can use to advertise, teach, network, it’s a great venue to voice local initiatives.”

But just because the markets are coming to an end doesn’t mean Risch gets to take break just yet. She will be busy with her partner Ebe winterizing their gardens, gathering the last of the harvest, pickling, and preserving. Their work isn’t done yet.

Now that the vendors are gone for the season, there are still a few that are selling their goodies in other places around town and online. One vendor that can be seen in multiple locations is Apple Island Naturals, as they sell their soap and other products in places like Zodiac Hemp Co. and Rickies All Day Grill.

With much to look forward to Risch said the summer season was packed and busy, with Golden residents making regular trips to the Wednesday and Saturday markets.

Tourism numbers may have been affected by the state of emergency in B.C., but overall she thinks all vendors had a successful season.

“We did grow again in number of vendors,” explained regular Saturday vendor Kay Nagao. “Saturdays, I found to be quite a bit slower this year than last. I think that had a lot to do with the fires. There definitely weren’t as many visitors through the Square and our shop sales were lower too. On an up note, we had a good number of vendors every Saturday this summer.”

However, local residents came by week after week to pick up regular items, goodies, and gifts from market vendors.

“We are truly blessed for all the support our customers give us each week. We really enjoy being able to feed the community which has also nurtured us. Since we were both born &raised here, Golden feels just like one big family,” Risch said.

The Wednesday markets remained pretty much near capacity all summer, and there was a waiting list for vendors from out of town.

Even though the regular farmers market season has ended, the call is already out for Christmas vendors, for the market at the Mount 7 Rec Plex in December.

Nagao says she expects many of the summer market vendors to be at the Christmas market, since there are already more than 30 vendors signed up.