Dwayne Weslund

Dwayne Weslund

Tasty dress up at Golden Overwaitea

Overwaitea staff dressed up as some barbecue favourites to raise funds for the Children's Hospital.

Usually you have to wait until Halloween to see a human-sized hotdog walking around with two human-sized condiments. On Aug. 29, Overwaitea patrons were served hotdogs by a hotdog when three staff members (Ryan Nesbitt, Todd Pearson, and Dwayne Weslund) dressed up as a hotdog, ketchup, and mustard for a barbecue in front of the store. The free barbecue (donations accepted) was part of an Overwaitea campaign to help the Children’s Hospital.

“We have several events throughout the year, this is the first one we’ve had since May, which is the start of our campaign year,” said Nesbitt. “We challenged the cashiers to raise $2,000 in 13 days, and they hit that goal in about six or seven days.

“So Dwayne, the store manager, had a bit of a bonus challenge and said if they could raise another $1,000 in five days then he’d dress up as a condiment.”

In the end, the cashiers raised $3,213 for the Children’s Hospital, not including donations collected at the barbecue.

“The cashiers have been great. They have the hard job of standing up there all day, asking for money, which can be pretty difficult,” said Nesbitt. “And the community is unbelievable with the amount of support they’ve given us.”

A special thanks also goes out to Jepson Propane who donated the propane for the barbecue.