Firefighters from Field

Firefighters from Field

Story and Slideshow: Fire departments practice in Golden

It was a weekend of training for firefighters from Field, Golden and Nicholson.

Fire department members from Nicholson, Field and Golden came together on May 17 to learn about tactics and procedures in protecting housing in case of a fire that could threaten the community.

The event, hosted in Golden, gave firefighters the chance to work together under the watchful eye of Town of Golden Fire Chief, Ken McClure.

“It was a day of Structure Protection Unit (SPU) training. The idea is that the trailer (filled with equipment to protect houses) we have will protect upwards of 20 to 25 homes once it has been deployed,” McClure said.

He added once the fire department gets a call that an area of houses is being threatened by fire, the system would be used to protect the homes.

“Once they are set up they are effective. We would combine this with sprinklers on the roof to do our best to protect the houses.”

Having the three departments come together for the event was also important for McClure.

“It is a good training session for the upcoming fire season. We want to make sure people are safe and ensure them we do have the means to protect their homes,” he said. “This has been wonderful because everyone learns about how to set up the SPU. In the event of a daytime deployment we can utilize people from all departments to come out and help us.”

The Golden Fire Department has a new Facebook pages that will allow people to see some of the fire training while also learning about what the fire department does in the community.