Spinning wheels keeps a woolly tradition alive in Golden

A local group of hard workers with great talent has kept alive the tradition of spinning their own wool, silk and much more.

Pictured are Renee Pape

A local group of hard workers with great talent has kept alive the tradition of spinning their own wool, silk  and much more.

The High Country Hand Spinners started up over a decade ago and still has over a dozen members.

“There was a woman in town here who started the group,” said member Jackie Campbell.

The group gets together once a month in the winter for dyeing events. Some  members of the group have also take courses in Alberta to advance what they can do. “It is working with the fibre, I think. Some of us have gone to Olds College in Alberta for Fibre Week,” Campbell said.

Those who have gone to Olds have taken a Masters Spinners Program.

“You go for a week, and then you do homework for a year,” Campbell said.

During the training you learn about the history of spinning, different types of fibres and much more.

“Through the Masters Program, they would be able to identify a species of sheep from all over the world,” said Joyce deBoer.

The spinners take many of the products they make out to fairs and craft shows in the area. The reaction from people who drop by their stands are usually quite interesting.

“One person may say how they remember doing this and they never would again, while other people say their parents used to do it. Young teenage boys are also fascinated by this, they just stand there and watch,” Campbell said.

“Some of the younger kids come and have a look at it and are quite good at it. Some of the adults are scared of it, and afraid of breaking something,” said Renee Pape.

The participants in the group said all it takes is patience and practice to learn how to spin.

Becky Leonty had only been spinning for three days when she explained what it was that made her want to try out a new hobby.

“My husband does many things, so I wanted to do something new. Television is boring. It is a soothing activity, to be doing the same thing and have something at the end,” she said.

The group will be at the Christmas Craft Sale and Market and people are encouraged to come up with any questions they may have.

If anyone was interested in learning more information about the group can feel free to email lxj@davincibb.ne


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