Leadership students (from left) Shelby Klassen

Leadership students (from left) Shelby Klassen

Sparklers spread joy at GSS on Pink Day

A group of golden Secondary Students shared a positive message with a sparkle drink.

Golden Secondary School proved that Love is Louder as their words of kindness could be heard throughout the halls on Feb. 29 for Pink Shirt Anti-Bullying Day.

“It’s to promote kindness. The old term they use anti-bullying, but just having the word bullying in there is negative. So they switched it to Love is Louder,” said Kailyn Trask, a student at GSS involved in organizing the campaign.

The students in the GSS Leadership class, along with members of the PARTY group and the Gay/Strait Alliance, spent the month of February pushing the Love is Louder campaign.

“We brainstormed in class, and the students came up with the idea. It was very student created, and I was just there to help and supervise,” said Runa Bjarnason-Wilson, teacher of the Leadership class.

“It was definitely something that they believed in. And it went back to the theme that Principal Trask presented at the beginning of the year about putting a drop in people’s buckets.”

The students wanted to convey the message that positive words can be just as impactful as negative ones, and every time you say something nice to someone you put a drop in their bucket.

“People don’t realize the effect of their words. Even in a positive manner, words have such a strong impact on people, and this really illustrated that,” said Kaitlyn Oszust, another student in the Leadership class.

“We didn’t want to focus on the fact that negative comments have an effect, but that saying something nice is just as important,” said Trask.

Throughout the month the class worked on several different projects to promote the Love is Louder theme.

We did a mini-assembly as well, just to raise awareness of what it’s about. We had a few inspirational videos, and a video created by students expressing what they thought love was louder than. Then on Wednesday (Feb. 29), we did the Light a Spark,” said Oszust

You could anonymously send compliments to people, or put your name on it if you preferred. And we encouraged people to send compliments to people you wouldn’t necessarily talk to all the time, just to spread kindness to people who might not be your friends. At the end of the day we went around and passed those out with Dole Sparklers.”

After the success of the Love is Louder campaign, Trask and Oszust are hoping that it will continue next year.

“We worked on this PARTY and Gay/Strait Alliance, and they both have young members. So by involving them we’re hoping that they’ll keep it going,” said Oszust.

“And it was so successful this year that they’re going to want to continue it next year,” said Trask.