Rotary Club of Golden makes donation to help people in Africa

Club Donates $1,000 to African relief

The Rotary Club of Golden made a generous contribution to East Africa. The club donated $1000, which was matched by the Government of Canada, to send Shelter Boxes to the country in desperate need of help.

ShelterBox is an organization that was created in 2000 by Rotarian Tom Hendereson of the UK to deliver aid in emergency situations.

The boxes hold life saving equipment including tents that can hold a family up to 10.

The tents can withstand dangerous temperatures and keep families safe during a time of crisis.

The Shelter Box was created because Henderson noticed that although food and medical aid were delivered immediately after a crisis, shelter was much more difficult to come by.

The contents in a Shelter Box depends on the disaster and the area. Meaning that the family will receive equipment specific to their needs.

Since 2000, ShelterBox has saved lives and families in more than 70 countries through over 100 disasters.

Rotary International is an international organization that works together to serve communities across the globe.

Their goal of curing polio is one the organization has been working on for years and during that time they have taken great leaps forward.

The Rotary Club of Golden has helped various organizations in town and has aided Golden students experience other countries and cultures.

They work hard to ensure that community members and organizations live up to their potential.


The Rotary Club of Golden also built and maintain the Rotary Trails which have become a high-traffic area for locals.