Rockies for African GoGos chart the course for 2011

Luncheon to support The Stephen Lewis Foundation with homemade soup and squares on March 7

Luncheon to support The Stephen Lewis Foundation with homemade soup and squares on March 7

Twenty five women enjoyed a delicious lunch at the home of Davene Dunn on Monday, March 7, 2011. They also raised close to $600.00 for the Stephen Lewis Foundation and decided on fundraising activities for 2011.

Who are the Rockies for African GoGos and what’s on our agenda this year?

Rockies for African GoGos is a dedicated group of volunteers who support the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign. We raise money through holding luncheons and teas, collecting pennies and other spare coins people want to donate, hold Scrabble games and sell home baking. Since the group was formed in 2006, we have donated more than $20,000.00 to help grandmothers (GoGos) in Africa who now parent their children’s children. HIV/AIDS has decimated a generation of young parents, leaving their children in the care of family members. The Stephen Lewis Foundation provides medical care, job training, economic advice, and education programs – all at the grassroots level – to support African families and organizations working to mitigate the effects of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Plans for an African Feast, Kazuri Jewelry sales, a walk to support African GoGos, penny and spare change collection, and a third Scrabble game fundraiser are all underway for 2011.

Kazuri Jewelry is handcrafted by women in Kenya. Each bead is handmade and individual. This not-for-profit cooperative venture supports women who make the jewelry and the Stephen Lewis Foundation. Rockies for African GoGos will launch Kazuri Jewelry at the African Feast, tentatively scheduled for late May.

Walk with us in June as we pay tribute to African grandmothers and raise awareness of the efforts to turn the tide of HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Keep your eyes open for Penny Donation jars in our communities of Golden and Field, a welcome home for your spare change that will help make a change in lives of many African children and families.

After a one-year hiatus, The Rockies for African GoGos third almost-annual “Good Words for Africa” Scrabble game fundraiser will take place once again in early November.

We know it’s an ambitious schedule for our group. We also know the work the Stephen Lewis Foundation does through community organizations in Africa is helping many people have better lives. We want to be part of that good work. Rockies for African GoGos invite you to visit to learn more about what the Foundation does and how they do it.

Are you interested in joining Rockies for African GoGos? Please contact Sarah Wegelin at 250-344-6317, Davene Dunn at 250-344-5508 or Kathryn Cameron at 250-343-6065.

Stay tuned for dates and details of each event we have planned for 2011, and we’ll see you there!